Why LP+365 is not an LMS?

For many years, the terms Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) have been applied to almost all platforms in schools. We’ve built LP+365 to be different. With over 400m learners having access to #Office365 we believed it was essential to have a learning and collaboration platform that fully exploits the power of Office 365, yet was simple enough to learn within 20 minutes.

LP+365 is not an LMS. Traditional LMS are designed to deliver education courses, or support the teacher in delivering material to students. This usually means the LMS is process driven, often rigid and incompatible with modern pedagogies. Teachers usually require a lot of training and professional development, and many of these platforms are used as little more than glamorised document libraries.

LP+365 is different, it is a Learning and Collaboration Platform (LCP). A simple set of dashboards that presents all the functionality and apps within Office 365 that are proven to have efficacy in an education environment. Usage of these tools has been further simplified by having one-click tiles and an intuitive user interface. With the integration of our ‘one minute’ how-to videos and a full support site to drive adoption, LP+365 is a simple way for teachers to use Office 365 in the classroom thereby developing critical skills in learners.

LP+365 encapsulates a set of tools that are readily available at any time in any context, including the delivery of course material. The platform provides resource management tools, collaboration tools, communication tools, assignments, and analytics and administration tools. These can be used at any time in any context, supporting many pedagogical approaches.

With almost no limit on storage or types of content, the cloud based LP+365 App works on any browser, on any device on and offline.

With such a long history of LMS and VLE, why do we need a LCP? Research shows that students or learners who have strong collaboration and communication skills, as well as knowledge of Microsoft Office tools have a greater chance of employability. LP+365 seeks to give learners an experience of the modern working environment, whilst supporting many teaching and learning styles, and minimising the teacher’s training needs.

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