The LP+365 Multilingual Feature & Autumn Updates

We are thrilled to announce the new multi-lingual feature on LP+365.

The LP+365 multilingual interface is now available in beta, and allows students and teachers to seamlessly switch between languages in the menu bar. The language options are unlimited and supports multiple scripts, for example Arabic and the Indian languages.

Languages can be selected dynamically by the user and the choice of language is determined by the global administrator. Having the right language drives adoption of the platform and the embedding of LP+ technology into daily use.

The new feature will help students to…

✔ Learn new languages

✔ Improve the fluency of native languages

✔ Be part of the international community

✔ Develop digital skills using their native language

The feature helps teachers to…

✔ Drive usage of the app and improve digital literacy

✔  Improve students adoption of new languages

✔  Help teachers communicate with international students

Check out the multi-lingual promo video to find out more…


As always we’d love to hear from you and your thoughts about the new updates. Contact us on Twitter or Facebook to let us know what you think!


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