Solutions highlighting the scale, security and impact of LP+ technologies

Delivering Impact. At Learning Possibilities, our award-winning technology is designed to scale from a single school to regional or national projects, whilst still delivering positive education outcomes.

Learning Possibilities A Microsoft Global Partner

LP+ Learning Platform

LP+ Learning Platform

LP+365 transforms Microsoft Office 365 into your school learning and collaboration platform, making learning interactive, engaging and collaborative.

LP+ Content Manager

A dynamic store for all types of resources a school may need. This includes purchases from publishers, teacher created content, or content that has come through other content sites.

Solutions Classroom Manager

LP+ Classroom Manager

The LP+ Classroom Manager software allows teachers to monitor student activity from a central console and take control of any machine if required (whether from the teacher’s PC or technician’s) and assigning work to the class or individual students has never be easier.

Identity Management

Identity Management

For an online education ecosystem to work seamlessly, management of teacher, learner and admin identities is critical if users are to have the correct access and privileges.