LP+365 Updates


Version 6.4 – New Feature

  • White-label – Partner now have the option to White-label the App.
  • Skype Chat – Skype chat has been removed from the App as Microsoft are withdrawing the product.

Version 6.3.2 – Packages upgrade & Bug Fixes

  • Packages upgrade – Improves App stability.
  • Class Notebook – Teachers can now manage Class Notebooks by select the Notebook icon on the class Notebook tile.
  • Office suite menu – Videos have been removed from the Office Suite menu in the navigation bar as they have been replaced by Streams. The video tiles in all classes remain unchanged.
  • Assignments rich text editor – The link function now opens the hyperlink in a new tab instead of the existing iframe. This allows full browsing functionality.
  • Support Video pop-up – Some mobile devices did not allow the user to close a support video pop-up without refreshing the browser. A close icon has been added to the pop-up so it can now be closed on all devices.

Version 6.3.1 – Bug Fix

Some schools may have experienced a delay when submitting assignments. Assignments submission times have been improved.

Version 6.3 – New Feature: Quizzes (replaced Surveys)

Quizzes allows teachers to set quizzes for the class. Features include: question types of choice, test, rating, date ranking and likert. Embed images, videos or audio. Shuffle questions. Automatic marking with a graphical representation of the results, including an export function. Settings options include options to assign the test in a specified time window, allow one or multiple responses. Publish score upon the completion of the test. Send notification email to students taking the test and to the teacher setting the test.

Version 6.2.5 – Bug Fix

Support for long class names: Long class names were not formatted correctly in the menu. Long class names are now truncated and display the full class name as a tool tip.

Notification: Site collection Features. Microsoft no longer enable “Video and Rich Media” site collection feature by default on new Office 365 tenancies. LP+365 Administration and configuration guide has been updated to instruct all new customers to enable this setting before registering LP+365.

Version 6.2.4 – Bug Fix

Class Notebooks accessibility. Menu options have been updated so Teachers have direct access to Class Notebooks that have been created by other teachers in the same class.