LP+365 Updates

We’ve made some changes to the LP+365 App…

✔ We’ve enhanced the Office 365 toolset accessible from the App menu bar to include: Forms, Videos, Stream & Sway

Support YouTube Videos

✔ We’re adding support YouTube videos to our app to ensure you’re utilising all the tools available on LP+365

✔ The videos will popup on the class dashboard and can be managed in the new admin area

The Admin Menu

✔ The new tools & features can be managed in our admin menu “Manage app settings” in “App settings”

✔ You can use the sliders to decide which tools are available to users


Additional Changes

✔ We’ve updated the Grading criteria and Student Centre icons to improve the look and feel of the app

✔ The side menu bar remains highlighted to show which class you’re working in


Connect with us on Twitter @tweetlpplus to tell us what you think of the new changes!

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