Hwb+ supporting the Digital Competence Framework

The Digital Competence Framework (DCF) is the first element of the new curriculum for Wales to be made available for schools in Wales. Digital Competency is defined by the Welsh Government as ‘the set of skills, knowledge and attitudes that enable the confident, creative and critical use of technologies and systems. It is essential for learners if they are to be informed, capable and have the potential to be successful in today’s society.’ The DCF is divided into 4 strands:

1. Citizenship
2. Interacting and collaborating
3. Producing
4. Data and computational thinking

These strands are further divided into elements. The DCF and guidance can be found here.

Hwb+ and the associated tools to support the delivery of the DCF

Wikis, discussions and blogs are excellent means of interacting and collaborating and enable the learners to plan, create and evaluate their work in an engaging and exciting environment. Learners can blog with other learners from schools across Wales, sharing ideas and experiences. Learners can research online information using Encyclopaedia Britannica available through Hwb, and record their finding in a wiki. Learners can discuss ideas and share information via a discussion.

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