Case Studies highlighting the impact and outcomes of LP+ technologies

Delivering Impact. At Learning Possibilities, our award-winning technology is designed to scale from a single school to regional or national projects, whilst still delivering positive education outcomes.

Learning Possibilities A Microsoft Global Partner


The All Wales National Learning Platform

LP+ was chosen as the National Platform for Wales, and described as ‘world class’ by the Government. A ground breaking project connecting all 600,000 learners into a single learning platform integrated with Office365. The project transformed the education system, bringing well documented positive education outcomes.

Enabling digital learning in the Philippines

Identity management is a key component of learning platforms, and access to digital resources and services. The Department of Education is moving over 25m learners spread across 7,000+ islands to Azure Active Directory using the LP+ Identity Management Solution.


Identity Management key to learning in digital wales

With 1,600 schools using six different MIS (Student Information Systems) and a desire to keep student identities within the UK, LP+ Identity Manager enabled a hybrid solution integrating the School MIS with Microsoft Active Directory to provide an on-prem and cloud solution.